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We’re glad to present you the cookie policy of Find-My-Mobile, the service that allows you to localize your phone in the way described in our terms and conditions of use, which is at the same time appropriate to the rules of security and confidentiality.

We would like to clarify that the terms "we" refer to enteprise company DYZMAS sp. z o.o. with its seat in Cracow, POLAND, Zabłocie 20/22 street, 30-701 Cracow (Tax ID : PL6793205147, hereinafter : « DYZMAS »).

This service (hereinafter the « Service ») is subject to the Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and this Cookies Policy (all documents are available on the Service's website).

In the present document, you will discover what exactly are the cookies, how we use them to operate the Service's website, and how you can manage your cookie settings.

Keep in mind that all modern Internet browsers allow changing cookie settings. These settings are usually available in the "options" or "preferences" menu of your browser.

The following pages can help you better understand these settings. You can also consult the help of your browser.

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If you want to see the code of a cookie, simply open the file in your browser and click on a cookie to open it. You will see text and numbers. The numbers are your identifier, which can only be seen by the server that provided you with the cookie you see. To learn how to do this on your device, see its user guide.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a text file sent to the web browser from your computer, laptop, tablet or any other device and used to store and retrieve information about the performed navigation.

Cookies can contain many useful information: purely technical information such as data about your browsing preferences or information about your browsing. In any case, we only use cookies necessary to provide our services, to improve them or useful to our secure providers for the provision of their services (such as secure payment providers, through which you make payments on our website). Your data is not resold or processed for advertising purposes for third parties. They are transferred only to the subcontractors, involved in the provision of our services which you can enjoy on the website of our Service.

What types of cookies we use on the website of our Service?

Below, you will find the cookies we use, with a short description of their usefulness, but also indications on how to oppose, if possible, to the use of these cookies if this is your wish.

On the website of our Service we use several types of cookies that we will delimit and classify below to simplify and make possible your understanding of this technical process.

We use technical cookies, personalization cookies and analytical cookies. The former improve the navigation and the proper functioning of our website. The second allows access to the Service with predefined characteristics according to a series of criteria. The latter make it possible to measure and analyze statistically the use made of the service offered.

Then, based on the technicality of collecting cookies, we can classify them according to the services from which the files are sent. There are therefore first-party cookies that are sent to your browser from our equipment or web domains as well as third-party cookies that are sent to your browser from a device or web domain that we do not manage directly, but which is managed by a third-party entity, which provides the services you use through our website. We can also delimit cookies based on the time during which these files are active. On this basis we can delimit session cookies and persistent cookies. The first ones remain active in your browser until you abandon our website. The second ones remain on your device and the website of our Service reads them as soon as you make a new visit.

Below, we present you a list of the service providers that are carried out through our website, which use cookies files.

On the website of our Service we may use third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are used by third-party organizations that provide us with different services. For example, we use the services of outside analysts, who use cookies on our behalf to identify the most visited pages and those that are less visited. The website you visit may also include content from third-party websites - these websites may use their own cookies. Purely technical cookies, necessary for the correct functioning and security of our website

Google Analytics

Audience measurement solution set to comply with the recommendations of the CNIL (an independent French administrative regulatory body whose mission is to ensure that data privacy law is applied to the collection, storage, and use of personal data), as detailed below. Those cookies are accepted by default, you can however oppose this cookie at any time, as well as refuse any follow-up by Google Analytics using the tools provided by Google. Provider certified - privacy shield

Functional cookies important for the improvement of our services OneSignal
Cookie that allows us to offer you personalized notifications.
Refused by default
Cookie to track the use of our site.
Provider certified - privacy shield
Refused by defaultto the provider
Cookie allowing the investigation on the bugs on our site.
Provider certified - privacy shield
Refused by default
Cookies used for advertising purposes
Cookie that allows us to show you the most relevant ads for your interests.
Provider certified - privacy shield
Refused by default

How do we make sure that the service providers using cookies on the website of our Service are in compliance with the law in force as well as with our internal policies?

We need to measure the audience of our site, especially to detect navigation problems and organize our content. We chose the Google Analytics solution, which uses cookies. Following the deliberation of the CNIL of December 5, 2013 n ° 2013-378, we have taken the following measures to benefit from the exemption to the collection of consent that are manifested by:

The possibility that you are granted to oppose this cookie at any time, not being forced at the same time to justify your choice in this matter,
The configuration of Google Analytics is organized in such a way as to ensure that the collected data are not cross-checked with other treatments and that the cookie that is used does not make possible to follow the navigation of the user on other websites,
The configuration of Google Analytics is organized in such a way as to ensure that the cookie used, only serves for the production of anonymous statistics, in particular by removing the last two digits of the communicated IP addresses,
The processing of cookie files as well as the data contained therein is limited to 12 months.

You can set general choices about cookies by changing the settings of your Internet browser. Depending on the type of browser, you will have the following options: accept or reject cookies of any origin or a given source or schedule a message asking for your consent, each time a cookie is placed on your terminal.

You can visit which contains information on how to change cookie settings in many browsers.

Remember that your cookie usage settings may impact the functionality of the website of our Service.

The authorization of cookies could be useful for several reasons. In particular, the information contained in the cookies is used to improve your experience on the website of our Service. This is done for example by calculating the number of people who use our different services, to make them simpler to use and to give them enough capacity to keep them fast or analyze the data anonymously in order to allow us to understand how visitors interact with different aspects of our online services and improve them and allow our Service to recognize your device, so you do not have to give the same information several times to perform a same task/during the same session.