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We welcome you to the website of Find-My-Mobile, the service that allows you to localize the current position of the phone of person who allowed us to determine his or her location in an easy, fast and appropriate way in terms of the rules of security and confidentiality, according to the terms of use of our service. We would like to clarify that the terms "we" refer to company DYZMAS sp. z o.o. with its seat in Cracow, POLAND, Zabłocie 20/22 street, 30-701 Cracow (Tax ID : PL6793205147, hereinafter : « DYZMAS »).

This service (hereinafter the "Service") is subject to the Terms of Use, our Cookies Policy and this Privacy Policy (all documents are available on the Service's website).
You can contact us in any subject concerning the processing of personal data at any time by e-mail at:
The term "you" and its derivatives refers to you, the reader of this document containing informations about how we deal with your personal data (hereinafter also the "Privacy Policy").
We pay great attention to the security and confidentiality of the data in general, particularly - your personal data. Your login credentials are highly secure. In addition, our servers are secure and hosted in the European Union. Finally, we have put in place internal technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data. We also minimize the data we send to our different service providers so that we only send them the data that is really necessary for the correct execution of their business, which we require to function correctly.

In accordance with article 12 of the GDPR, we may ask you for additional information, necessary to confirm your identity in case of doubt about it. We put in place our best efforts to answer you as quickly as possible, and in any case, within the legal deadline of one month. We have structured our Privacy Policy in the form of several topics that may constitue the basis of your potential questions and this to reassure you that on the website of our Service the questions of personal data and your confidentiality are important for us and we want to keep them secret.
Thus, in this Privacy Policy, you will discover what personal data is processed by the website of our Service and what are the reasons for this treatment, if your data is transferred to third parties and abroad , if our Service uses cookies (more information in our Cookies Policy, available on the website), how you can act towards your personal data, how we aim to secure your personal data, how we meet the obligations of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR").

It is necessary to distinguish several types of treatment that we perform:
The data of any visitor of our website (information collected automatically):

We collect certain information from the data of each visitor of our Service, transmitted by default by its Internet browser (automatically), such as:

The operating system of your terminal (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.)
Information collected by cookies or similar mechanisms stored on your device, always with your consent. You can find more information about this in our Cookies Policy (available on our website).
The Internet browser used and its language of use,
Your IP address from which the connection is made, the type of device used and its characteristics,
The type of browser, the language, the date (including the time of the visit), the country, the URL from which you come (the website that has redirected you to the website of our service),
Technical information about your type of terminal (computer, smartphone, etc.),
Google Analytics, an analytics service offered by Google, LLC. domiciled in the United States, using cookies that collect information, including the IP address of the user.

This information is automatically collected. The collection and processing of these personal data is based on the necessity of such collection and processing in order to fulfill our Terms and Confitions of Use which are available to all our customers on our website.
We also collect all the data that you communicate to us through the various forms on the site (contact, data saved etc). These personal data are processed in order to receive your message and to be able to answer you as well as to put all the functionalities of our Service at your disposal. They are kept as part of our archives and our history of messages received until you exercise your right of erasure, or for a maximum of three years - the period of limitation of potential claims, arising of the law, when it comes to the execution of the service contract.
The collection and processing of this personal data is based on your consent, expressed by clicking on the "send" button, ie the execution of the contract (article 6 paragraph 1 letter a and b of GDPR).

The data processing of our customers and the account holders who placed the order through the website of our Service - data that is provided voluntarily
Access to the features of our Service is subject to the creation of an account. The Account may be linked to a one-day subscription (trial period that extends automatically unless you decide otherwise) and indefinite duration. The creation of an account requires the communication of the following information, in order to verify your identity, allow access to the Service's website and secure this access:

Your last name and your first name,
Your password, which we store encrypted and secure,
Your address, email and credit or debit card number.

This data is retained for a period of three years counting from the expiration of your account. The collection and processing of the aforesaid personal data is legally based on the need for such collection and processing to fulfill our General Terms and Conditions of Use of our Service. In the case of trial accounts (the one-day subscription that was subsequently canceled), your account is automatically deleted after three years of inactivity (no visit or use of the website or click on a link from our website, emails).
Your automatically-communicated IP address is used to ensure that your account is not shared with third parties. This data is retained for a period of three years from the expiration of your account. The collection and processing of the aforementioned personal data is legally based on the need for such collection and processing to fulfill our Terms and Conditions of Use, in accordance with art. 6.1 letter b of GDPR, the subscription of our customers being personal and untransferable, and our legitimate interest in preventing third parties from benefiting from our paid Services without subscription.
When subscribing to our services, we also collect and process the payment information for the payment method you have chosen. This information is transferred to a secure payment provider. The collection and processing of the aforementioned personal data is legally based on the need for such collection and processing to fulfill our Terms and Conditions of Use, in accordance with art. 6.1 letter b of GDPR.

We process personal information or not, which may contain messages sent through the channels of contact or opinion established in the Service, for example your first name and email (depending on informations provided by our Clients).

Finally, we may use your contact information, when you provide it while your registration, for business purposes, which you can oppose at any time.

3. Processing of data provided by third parties

This is information provided by payment or credit card processing systems, such as the time of purchase or its amount.

Is the data transferred to third parties and abroad?
Nous ne collectons et ne traitons les données à caractère personnel que pour nos propres besoins. Nous ne procédons à aucune collecte afin de les revendre à des tiers. Elles sont transférées aux prestataires listés ci-dessous - les prestataires de services qui offrent des fonctions en notre nom, comme par exemple les services de paiement, l'hébergement de site, l'analyse commerciale, le service client ou le marketing du site web du Service. Lesdits prestataires de services peuvent recueillir et avoir accès aux informations qui leur seraient nécessaires pour exercer leurs fonctions, mais ne sont pas autorisés à partager ou utiliser les informations en question à d'autres fins.
Etant conscients de toutes les obligations imposées par le RGPD, nous signons à chaque fois les contrats de traitement de données personnelles afin de prévoir des mécanismes nécessaires de sécurité.
Il peut en arriver que nous fournissons les données à caractère personnel de nos clients aux autorités publiques compétentes mais uniquement quand c’est nécessaire du point de vue de la loi en vigueur, du point de vue d’un processus juridique ou un intérêt légitime.

We only collect and process personal data for our own purposes. We do not collect anything to sell to third parties. Your data may be transferred to the providers listed below - service providers who provide functions on our behalf, such as payment services, website hosting, business analytics, customer service or website marketing of the Service.
Such service providers may collect and have access to the information they would need to perform their duties, but may not share or use the information for other purposes.
Being aware of all the obligations imposed by the GDPR, we sign each time the contracts of the processing of personal data in order to provide necessary mechanisms of security.

It may happen that we provide the personal data of our customers to the competent public authorities but only when necessary from the point of view of the law in force, from the point of view of a legal process or a legitimate interest.

Provider’s name
Reason for the data transfer
Provider’s country

Website hosting

Product satisfaction
Customer satisfaction questionnaire
New Zealand (country recognized as providing adequate data protection)

Security and site analysis

Tracking navigation errors

Tracking navigation errors …, Certified Privacy Shield Google Analytics and Search Console Measure the audience of the site

…, Certified Privacy Shield

Tracking the use of the site

…, Certified Privacy Shield

How, when and for how long do we collect your personal data ? The personal data of the customers of our Service will be the subject of an automated processing and will be incorporated in the corresponding files of the register of the activities of treatment. Therefore, we will use your IP address to verify the origin of the message, adapt the functionality of the Service's website to your needs that we recognize, as well as to detect any irregularities.

We do not have access to your bank details, credit card number or other banking information, only the banking service providers through which you make payments on the Service's website, being authorized to it.

By keeping the personal data of our customers, we keep in mind the rules of their treatment, imposed by the GDPR. Therefore, we only keep your data for the absolutely necessary time - up to a limitation period of the possible claims of our customers (and towards them) according to the provisions of the Civil Code (personal actions without special delay), as well as the provisions of the Commercial Code (accounting books or invoice, other).

The purposes in which we use your data :

Administration and updating of the Service (the legal basis being article 6 paragraph 1 letter f of the GDPR).
Response to the issues raised (the legal basis being article 6 paragraph 1 letter f of the GDPR).
Processing of payments made on the Service's website (the legal basis being article 6 paragraph 1 letter b of the GDPR).
Provision of the subscribed service customer (the legal basis being article 6 paragraph 1 letter b of the GDPR).
Maintain of the security of the Service, enforce of our Terms and Conditions of Use, and assist state security services and forces in their investigations (the legal basis being our legitimate interest in ensuring and maintaining the security of the Service and its users).

Information about your rights on the data

The right to access your data, granted by Article 15 of GDPR

You have access to your personal data at any time. Just send us the message with your request in this matter. In order to fulfill our obligations, we provide you with a copy of all your personal data as well as all legally required information, including:

1. The categories of personal data collected and processed,
2. The purposes of their treatment,
3. The categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been communicated or are likely to be communicated,
4. The retention period of the personal data,
5. Information about your rights with respect to your personal data.

The right to obtain portability, granted by article 20 of the GDPR
The right in question concerns the processing of your personal data based either on your consent (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter a of the GDPR) or the need for the performance of a contract (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b of the GDPR ). In any case that we treat your personal data on these bases, you have the right to the portability of your personal data.

It is exclusively the data you have provided us, excluding those we have collected by ourselves. Regarding the right to obtain the portability, the file containing your personal data does not necessarily have to be readable by the man, in addition it will contain exclusively your personal data.

The right to portability of your personal data also opens the possibility that your personal data is transmitted to another controller, in accordance with your choices, assuming that this is technically possible.

The right to rectify any errors, granted by Article 16 of the GDPR
If there are any errors in your personal data that you have provided us yourself or that we have obtained ourselves (inaccurate, incomplete or obsolete data), you can ask us to correct your data in a justified manner.

The right to cancellation, granted by Article 17 of the GDPR
The request for cancellation (removal) is considered justified only under certain conditions. We list these conditions below:

• your data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which is was collected or processed,
• you objected to the collection or processing of your personal data,
• A legal obligation has been imposed on our Service and it is necessary to delete your data in order to fulfill the obligation in question,
• you have withdrawn your consent to the processing of your personal data, assuming that the prior consent was the legal basis for their collection and processing and that there is no other legal basis justifying it,
• the processing of your personal data is not based on the GDPR,
• if you were a minor when collecting your personal data.

The right to oppose the treatment, under certain conditions, granted by Article 21 of the GDPR

You may object to any processing of your personal data, subject to a legitimate justification for the particularity of your situation, bearing in mind all the legal provisions (particularly the GDPR) which refer to the right in question, either legitimate and compelling reasons for the treatment that prevails over your interests, rights and freedoms, or the finding, exercise or defense of rights in court that may serve us as a legitimate argument in order not to execute your right of opposition.

You may also object, without obligation to prove your reason, to the processing of your personal data when it intervenes for prospecting purposes towards you.

The right to limitation of treatment, granted by Article 18 of the GDPR

There are situations in which you can ask us to limit the processing of your personal data. This may be the challenge of the accuracy of your personal data, the challenge of the lawfulness of the processing of your personal data, the willingness to keep them so that you can challenge their treatment at the legal level in order to defend your rights in court, as well as the situation where you objected to the processing of your personal data, while we were checking if we had no other legitimate reasons to continue processing.

The right to decide what we will do with your data in the event of death, granted by Article 85 of the Data Protection Act (la loi informatique et libertés)

We would like to respond to your instructions regarding the treatment (retention or erasure) of your personal data after your death.

The right to withdraw your consent, granted by Article 7 of the GDPR

If the processing of your personal data is based on your consent (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter a of GDPR), you can withdraw your consent at any time without having to justify such a decision.

The right to an appeal before the institution that controls processing of the personal data in each country or in court.

We wish to resolve all potential disputes amicably. However, if for any reason this would not be possible, you still have the option of contacting the personal data protection authority responsible for filing a complaint (CNIL in France).
You can always, without first entering the CNIL (or any other institution that is responsible for controlling the processing of the personal data in each country), bring an action before the competent judge.
This version of the Privacy Policy came into force on 24th of September 2020.